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Completed October 1, 2015

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Fan Fiction: Never Look Back

Title: Never Look Back

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: All your Buffy are belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Rating: R. Language, violence, adult situations.

Pairings: Wes/Faith, others.

Summary: Then Shall the Chosen make their Choices Four" -- Can the Scooby and Fang Gangs integrate succesfully to meet the challenges that face them? Or will the trials ahead tear them apart?

Spoilers: Post B:tVS S6 and A:tS S3, which in my AU conform to canon through 6.17, "Normal Again" and 3.16, "Sleep Tight", before taking a sharp turn.

Series: There are three novellas and eight interludes prior to this story in my "Lesser Men" saga.

Faith, the Vampire Slayer

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, aka Connor

Chapter Index:

  1. Prologue
  2. The Cavalry Arrives
  3. Enemy Of My Enemy
  4. Out of the Frying Pan
  5. Into Temptation
  6. All Fall Down
  7. Sticks and Stones
  8. Waiting Game
  9. Magic Word
  10. Wishing for Justice
  11. Movers and Shakers
  12. Research Party
  13. Tea Time
  14. Guarded Optimism
  15. Potential Problems
  16. Arresting Developments
  17. Internal Politics
  18. Unpleasant Surprises
  19. Cross Country
  20. Change of State
  21. Bridging the Gaps
  22. Contingency Planning
  23. Self-Rescuing Damsels
  24. The Penny Drops
  25. ᚾ Marks the Spot
  26. The Die is Cast
  27. Breaking the Chains
  28. Moment of Truth
  29. What Can't We Do
  30. Picking Up the Pieces
  31. Business as Usual
  32. What Beside Remains
  33. Aiming to Misbehave
  34. Epilogue

Or, read the full story on one page: Never Look Back (~85,600 words)


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© 2015 Jedi Buttercup.