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Last Updated October 1, 2015:
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Epic Series: Lesser Men

Welcome to the birth of my career as a fanfic writer: the Lesser Men series, a project that began with my entry into B:tVS/A:tS fandom in 2002.

This series comprises approximately 214,100 words of completed fic in a continuous universe, over four novellas and eight interludes.

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Lesser Men
To quote Roseveare: "It tells a story of Wesley and Jonathan, fathers and sons, coming back from the dark side, and prophecy and twisty time paradoxes."
~26,700 words.

Interlude 1: Old Mates
Giles makes a trip from L.A. to Sunnydale. ~2100 words.
Interlude 2: Moral Lessons
Giles arrives at the Magic Box. Anya gets him to make a wish. ~1500 words.
Interlude 3: Branching Out
Warren decides that he's in need of a little vengeance. ~1800 words.
Interlude 4: Second Chances
Cordelia does a little thinking, with the help of her resident ghost. ~1800 words.

From the Shadows
There's more to the mystery of Connor than anyone realizes; meanwhile, Wolfram & Hart is playing Hellmouthy games, and Faith arrives on Wesley's doorstep.
~43,400 words.

They Also Serve
While the Slayer's in L.A., the Duo want to play. It's up to Xander, Giles, and the girls to figure out what's going on.
~43,100 words.

Interlude 5: Toward Freedom
Ethan takes a moment out to breathe and reconnect. ~1800 words.
Interlude 6: Concerned Citizen
Officer Herrington finds Buffy's house in the Classifieds. ~1900 words.
Interlude 7: Want, Take, Have
Faith, Lilah, Cordelia: Ambushes and visions. ~2100 words.
Interlude 8: Watching Over
Giles, Wesley, Ethan: Actions and premonitions. ~2000 words.

Never Look Back
"Then Shall The Chosen Make Their Choices": who ever said 'no rest for the wicked' had it all backwards. (COMPLETE!)
~85,600 words.


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