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Story links verified, and four (4) added: August 24, 2008.

Archive links last verified and updated: September 23, 2007.

Reference links last verified and updated: August 24, 2008.

Links Categories
Fan Fiction Authors & Archives
Fan fiction author websites & general archives that I check regularly.

Crossover & Alternate Universe Fan Fiction Stories
From one Crossover/AU junkie to all the others I know exist! Knock yourselves out. *grin* These pages contain long lists of gen and het stories; see below for slash links.

SLASH Crossover & AU Stories
Slash links were removed from the crossover and alternate universe pages and placed here, for the reader's convenience. Stories here contain at least a mention of same-gender romance and/or sexual relations. Ratings and pairings are clearly marked.

Fan Fiction Info & Essays
My obsession with fandom knows no limitations. Collected here are links to insights and information that help me write my own fic, or make me go "Aha!" in general.

Other Reference Links
Some of these links have helped me in background fic research. Some are just there for "huh" value, or for fun. Knock yourselves out.

AD/HD: Attention Deficit / Hyperactive Disorder
Information about AD/HD in general, in adults, and in women in specific. I did a lot of research as reassurance when I found out I had it, and decided it might help others to have some of the best links collected in one place.


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