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Updated August 20, 2015

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Fan Fiction: induce me to unfold
(aka, the Comedy of Errors 'verse)

Title: induce me to unfold

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not. I claim nothing but the plot.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: B:tVS/A:tS, Leverage. "I think maybe we got off on the wrong foot here," Eliot rasped, trying on his best charming smile.

Spoilers: Post-series for B:tVS and Angel; indeterminate post-S1 timeline for Leverage

Notes: This series started life as a drabble, which acquired an expansion, and then prompted gift fic requests. (Each piece--and the series as a whole-- is titled from a thematically appropriate line in Pride and Prejudice.)

Eliot Spencer

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