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Last Updated Aug 20, 2015
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Short Stories: B:tVS Crossover Series

Welcome to the Short Stories collection, Buffyverse crossover serial fiction edition.

Series titles below are linked to splash pages, where the individual stories can be found. See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

Serial Fiction  (B:tVS Xovers)

All Made Up
B:tVS/A:tS, Firefly. "That's a fairy tale, Zoë. Story made up to frighten children." "So were Reavers, sir," she said flatly, staring Mal down as he opened his eyes again. Total wordcount: 8,050.

Beauty, Brains and Brawn
B:tVS, Avengers. "Not to step on both your fragile male egos," Buffy rolled her eyes, "but they attacked me first. And you might have noticed the lack of octopi on their uniforms?" Total wordcount: 6,400.

Buffy Summers, Alien Slayer
B:tVS, ID4. Humanity might have won the day, but they had by no means won the war. (Or, another way the Slayer might have ended up in Sunnydale). Total wordcount: 5,300.

Can I Keep You?
B:tVS, SG-1. After killing Angel, Buffy runs to Los Angeles... but she doesn't stay there. Total wordcount: 6,800.

Dancing with Dinosaurs
B:tVS, Terra Nova. Buffy had never thought she'd ever actually look forward to crossing dimensions... but there was nothing for her in 2149, not with all the magic gone out of the world. Total wordcount: 16,100.

Daughters of Charon
B:tVS, Pirates of the Caribbean. Buffy's boyfriend was questionably moral, immortal, and always coming up with bizarre new schemes to amuse himself. Really, someone should have guessed sooner. Total wordcount: 8,900.

The Edge of a Knife
A:tS, LotR. "Do not mock me," Illyria said. "I know what it is you seek. You think to use the Ring of He Who Ruled Before to expel me from this shell and return me to the Void my kind were called from." Total wordcount: 3,800.

Grave Survivors
B:tVS, CSI. "Uh, hi," the message began. "You, uh, don't know me; but my name is Buffy Summers, and I saw what happened to you on TV." Total wordcount: 10,000.

Handle With Care
B:tVS, Dresden Files. She might as well have worn a sign reading "Danger to Life and Limb" in large, neon print. Total wordcount: 16,700.

Hard Duties
Die Hard, B:tVS. "What, did you think I'd actually let you do this Slayer thing without me? I told that Giles guy to his face-- Lucy goes out there without me over my dead body." Total wordcount: 4,700.

induce me to unfold
B:tVS/A:tS, Leverage. If these ladies were typical anything, Eliot would cheerfully eat the designer shoe currently pressed against his throat. Total wordcount: 7,200.

Nature, Never Spent
B:tVS, Jurassic Park. When Buffy tells her sister she's transferring her psychology degree work from Rome to the University of Montana, Dawn laughs, then stares, then checks to see if Willow has somehow retrieved her robot double. Total wordcount: 2,400.

Oz in Atlantis
B:tVS, Stargate Atlantis. Oz had figured nothing could surprise him, after Sunnydale and Tibet. He'd been wrong. Total wordcount: 6,400.

Polaris Wyndam-Pryce
A:tS, Harry Potter. Wesley survives the events of "Not Fade Away" and returns to his mother's family in England. Total wordcount: 7,500.

Primitive Side
B:tVS, Pitch Black/Chronicles of Riddick. Hell of a thing, finding a fellow predator in a girl her size. Total wordcount: 5,000.

Reap the Whirlwind
B:tVS, DOOM, Firefly. UAC and Blue Sun may be separated by several centuries, but they have three things in common: they tried to make people better; their efforts backfired spectacularly; and Buffy and Reaper will be there to see them fall. Total wordcount: 12,150.

Ring of the Gods
B:tVS, SG-1. "You can't tell me it's always puppies and sunshine out there; I have eyes, you know, and there's an awful lot of guys with guns guarding this thing." Total wordcount: 19,300.

Sidle Up and Smile
B:tVS, Firefly. Even in a world where Earth is no more, spaceships are a common mode of travel, and the government has created its own Operatives to replace the Slayers, the life of a Chosen One is not exactly easy. (The Ancient Slayers 'Verse). Total wordcount: 12,850.

Smoke and Flame
B:tVS, A:tS, SG-1. In which the Powers That Be and their allies prepare for what the SGC has unleashed by waking the Ori. Total wordcount: 3,650.

Temporal Malfunctions
B:tVS, Star Trek, Star Trek XI. A chronicle of Buffy's brief adventure as James T. Kirk, and their misadventures afterward ... through several different timelines. Total wordcount: 6,100.

Time to Speak
B:tVS, CSI. Buffy had known long before her dad divorced her mom that Hank Summers might be the guy who had raised her, but he wasn't her father by blood. Total wordcount: 7,200.

Starting Over
A:tS, SG-1. SG-1 goes looking for a new linguist in the unlikeliest of places: a private investigative agency in Los Angeles. Total wordcount: 17,900.

Ugly Black Dress
B:tVS, Stargate SG-1, Atlantis. A series of snippets from a relationship between the frequently dead. Total wordcount: 4,600.

(Un)Natural Predators
B:tVS, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Lake Placid: crocodiles and dinosaurs and radio-active beasties, oh my! Total wordcount: 5,250.

Veritas Vos Liberabit
B:tVS, Boondock Saints. Buffy has never had a boyfriend whose hands were free of blood. Total wordcount: 5,700.


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