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Last Updated February 5, 2013:
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Epic Series: So Called Chaos

Welcome to the So Called Chaos series, a collection of missing scenes and other gap fillers for the Star Trek universe, as reimagined by Star Trek XI (the 2009 movie). Does not take into account the events of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

This series comprises 31,400 words, and is a continuous universe.

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"I want to drop all these limitations at the shoes upon my feet"
--from "So Called Chaos", by Alanis Morissette

Kirk is Love! (art by denorios)

2255: Jim Kirk, meet Captain Pike

No Compromises
Jim had been half-expecting Captain Pike to ambush him again when he finally walked out of the bar. (Jim; 1000 words)

Thanks, But No Thanks
The thing is, Uhura has met boys like Jim Kirk before. (Uhura; 700 words)

2258: Jim Kirk, meet Captain Nero

The Press of Duty subseries (Pike, 12,300 words):
The Press of Duty: There were other things to be done before he let himself dwell on the lives consumed in the fires of Nero's insanity.

Pressing the Point: "And would you do it all again? Exactly the same way?" Pike asks, his tone a challenge.

Pressing Sail: There was more in play here than just what Kirk might or might not deserve on his own merits.

Relieving Pressure: By the fourth morning Christopher Pike wakes up in the sickbay of the USS Enterprise, he is heartily sick of his surroundings, his circumstances, his own emotional reactions to the above, and just about every other facet of his current existence.

But Not Jim Kirk
He hadn't thought about what it would sound like to Gary, who had four more years' service under his belt and not a chance in hell of following the same meteoric track. (Jim; 2000 words)

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
In some ways, she's been bracing herself for this call from the day Jimmy was born. (Winona; 2500 words)

Acquired Care
Leonard waited until Jim had finished shutting down the comm connection, then announced his presence with a cleared throat. (Bones; 1600 words)

In Memoriam
The human mind simply wasn't built to fully grasp such an immensity of loss, to retain that much grief and still function properly. (Pike; 1000 words)

2258: Back on Earth

Just Doing Her Job
She's halfway across campus on her way back from her last exam when she sees Jim Kirk again. (Gaila; 1400 words)

Running Before the Wind
The first few days after the Enterprise's return are a blur for most of her crew. (Jim; 1500 words)

2258: The Voyages Begin

Giving Her All They've Got
Ten People who Were Seduced by the Starship Enterprise. (Enterprise x Everyone; 1000 words)

Throwing Down the Gauntlet
He tracked his commanding officer to the observation deck, two evenings after the Enterprise's departure from spacedock. (Spock; 1400 words)

A Most Dismissive Manner
"You are fond of him," Spock accuses her one day out of nowhere. (Uhura; 500 words)

A Change of Perspective
Jim hadn't believed at the time that he'd ever have anything to come back for. (Jim; 2500 words)

What Must Never Be
It has been said-- by humans, whose eyesight is not as keen as that of Vulcans, so one must excuse the inherent imprecision-- that 'hindsight is twenty-twenty'. (Ambassador Spock; 2000 words)

© 2013 Jedi Buttercup. Art by denorios.

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