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Last Updated December 14, 2014:
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Epic Series: The Slayer Initiative
(aka, Cat-Herding for Fun and Profit)

Welcome to the Slayer Initiative, the 'verse wherein Tony Stark acquires a new P.A. named Buffy Summers, aka "Cat-Herding for Fun and Profit".

(Back in the day when Buffy had repeatedly claimed she wanted to be normal, what she'd really wanted was not to feel so alone and set apart. And that's what she's found here, among several other spectacularly broken people who make it their business to save the world whether it likes it or not.)

This series currently comprises 23,700 words, and is a continuous universe. Title art by jtrevizo_1013; series was a winner in Round 28 of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards. See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

The Slayer Initiative

Best Job Share Ever (Avengers):

  1. Best Job Share Ever?
    (Buffy; 1100 words)
  2. Pulling Back the Curtain
    (Buffy & Tony; 1500 words)
  3. A Very Special Consultant
    (Buffy/Clint; 1200 words)
  4. Spelling it Out in Small Words
    (Buffy & Tony; 1300 words)
  5. Confounding Expectations
    (Faith, Tony & Buffy; 1500 words)
  6. Keeping Her On Her Toes
    (Clint/Buffy; 1100 words)
  7. Intersection of Wildly Divergent Sets (Buffy, Tony, Xander & Willow; 2300 words)
  8. The Inevitable Shovel Talk
    (Buffy & Natasha; 1300 words)

Phase 2:

  1. Of Damage Control and Self-Repair Mechanisms
    (Tony & Buffy, post-Iron Man 3; 3100 words)
  2. Dragon Pepper and the Iron Assistant
    (Buffy & Pepper & Natasha, post-Iron Man 3; 2000 words)
  3. By the Work of His Hands
    (Buffy & Tony, post-Iron Man 3; 4300 words)
  4. And To You Your Wassail, Too
    (Buffy & Avengers Team, post-Thor 2; 3000 words)


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