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Last Updated June 7, 2012:
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Drabbles, Flashfic and Short Shorts: 1,000 Words or Less

Welcome to the Tiny Fiction collection, Non-B:tVS crossover edition.

If you don't see something here that should be, flashfic that ended up as part of a longer series may have been moved.

See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

Tiny Crossovers  (Non-B:tVS)

A Good Man and a Pirate
PotC2/Kingdom of Heaven. Will Turner has never heard of Balian of Ibelin, but he shares more with the Defender of Jerusalem than a pretty face. 700 words.

A Wizard For Mary
Harry Potter/P&P. Mary Bennet makes the unexpected acquaintance of Percy Weasley. 600 words.

An Additional Concern
SG-1/Godzilla. Daniel recommends a scientist to the Stargate Project. 700 words.

Blood Spatter
CSI/Pitch Black. A team of investigators sent by Alliance Shipping investigates the crash of the Hunter-Grazner. 500 words.

By Any Other Name
Firefly/Jurassic Park. Wash had had enough excitement that weekend to last him an entire lifetime. 600 words.

Classified Information
SG-1/ST:TOS. The Enterprise makes a perplexing discovery. 300 words.

Domestic Virtues
SG-1/Persuasion. There's a moment when Sam can swear she feels the wind in her hair, tastes the salt on her tongue. 500 words.

Enemy of My Enemies
SGA/Predator. Ronon is hunted by a Predator. Just as well he's had plenty of practice at this kind of thing. 1000 words.

Harry Potter and the Book of Amun Ra
Harry Potter/Mummy. When Voldemort asked for "immortality", he should have specified "immortal life". 600 words.

Firefly/PotC2. Mal finds his heading. 300 words

Neuralysis for Naturals
Harry Potter/Men in Black. His entire image is crafted on leaving no lasting memory with anyone he 'encounters'. 200 words.

Prelude to Disaster
Die Hard III/Showdown in Little Tokyo. "McClane. You know a Detective Chris Kenner?" 800 words.

Third Life's the Charm
Harry Potter/SGA. Harry Potter may have left the Wizarding World behind, but his life will never be normal. 500+500 words.

SG-1/Salt. "He's a triumph for the KA program, after all." 200 words.

The V in River
Firefly/V for Vendetta. River chooses not to turn the other cheek. 800 words.

Where It Began
Stargate/Mummy. Ever wonder where Daniel first got the idea the Egyptians didn't build the pyramids? 800 words.


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