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Last Updated August 21, 2014:
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Epic Series: The Soul Job
(aka Different Kind of Knights)

Welcome to the Soul Job series, a crossover universe connecting Lindsey McDonald from Angel: the Series with Eliot Spencer of Leverage.

(Or, that 'verse wherein Lindsey decides he wants his soul back from Wolfram and Hart, and his brother's new team takes on the job.)

Set during 5.8 "Destiny" for Angel and post-2.9 "The Lost Heir Job" for Leverage. Dates given for Lindsey and/or Eliot were based on actor Christian Kane's actual age, and the assumption that this takes place during the canonical time setting for Angel. The series currently comprises 28,600 words. Art by lyl_devil.

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Art by lyl_devil

The Soul Job

It's been a long time since Lindsey McDonald and Eliot Spencer went their separate ways... but if ever a man was in need of the leverage their team could apply, it was Eliot's brother. 25,000 words.


  1. Into the Lioness' Den

    Buffy Summers didn't know what to think when Eliot Spencer showed up in Cleveland. 1200 words.

  2. Dubious Distinctions

    It was far too late for Buffy and her Slayage partner of the week to be making noise like that on the front porch while Dawn was trying to sleep. 600 words.

  3. Dating by Hellmouth Rules

    Somehow, this was not how Eliot had envisioned his reunion with his brother going. 1200 words.

  4. The Shovel Talk Job

    The last time a man had looked at Buffy that intently, it had been Spike-- and not in the guilty sexcapades kind of way. Ford saw too much. 600 words.


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