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Last Updated December 20, 2014:
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Short Stories: Less Than 10,000 Words

Welcome to the Short Stories collection, single fandom edition: book-based fan fiction.

If you don't see something here that should be, fic that ended up becoming part of a longer series may have been moved.

See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

Short Single Fandom Fiction (Books)

Be of Good Cheer
Dresden Files. Christmas has never been all that festive a holiday for me, any more than birthdays, or Thanksgivings, or any of the other typical family get-together occasions. 1800 words.

Dum Spiro, Spero
Dresden Files. Belief is a verb: Michael Carpenter, in the wake of his daughter's rescue. 2200 words.

Harry Potter and the Festival of Light
Harry Potter. Harry stumbles into an American SCA event. ~1600 words.

His Own Marking Cord
Stargate SG-1: Four Dragons. And was that not the true measure of a god: that his name and his legacy be endlessly renewed and honored? 2000 words.

Holding My Ground
Dresden Files. I hated to think that I might have that much capacity for darkness in me. 2200 words.

I, that spent life upon Thy cause
Dresden Files. For all of his faith, for all of the strong will Michael had spent so many years honing, he was only human. 1600 words.

The Only Puzzle Worth Solving
Star Wars: Thrawn Trilogy. Thrawn knew the truth: winning an individual's spirit was a far more productive and lasting conquest than mere puppetry or physical subjugation. 1000 words.

The Secret to Building Momentum (Is To Take One Day at a Time)
Dresden Files. For years, I'd lived under a death sentence for defending my own life. Who was I to throw stones at someone else who'd seen the trap he was mired in and chose to rip it down and start over? 5600 words.

With These Two Hands
Rivers of War. They'd been the right men, in the right place, at the right time. 1000 words.


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