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Last Updated August 8, 2015:
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Short Stories: Less Than 10,000 Words

Welcome to the Short Stories collection, B:tVS/Stargate crossover edition.

If you don't see something here that should be, fic that ended up becoming part of a longer series may have been moved.

See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

Short Buffyverse/Stargate Crossover Fiction

Better Luck Next Time, Dr. Jackson
& Dr. Buffy Is In (Extra Augh at No Charge)
"I didn't used to be a psychologist, you know," Buffy said. "That's my 'retired and finally got my degree' job. Before that, I was on a team kind of like yours, except we were all civilians and none of us got paid for it." 2600 & 1200 words.

The Definition of Damsel
Mitchell waved a hand at Daniel. "How about I make a bet with you? Out of all our missions for the next month, the one who needs rescue the most buys all the rest of us dinner." 2800 words.

Goddess of Prophecy
Buffy faces a difficult choice: accept her third death, or take the Tok'ra up on their offer. 1750 words.

Hok Tau'ri
"She simply shouldn't be able to do the things she's doing, sir; I have no explanation for it." ~1500 words.

Like a House On Fire
This one, Vala would have been tempted to wink and woo, had she met him in another situation. 1100 words.

Maternal Instinct
Buffy was a little jealous that this legendary demoness had managed what she couldn't. 1500 words.

A mercy mission gone wrong becomes an unusual first contact experience for Daniel Jackson. 4500 words.

More Jean Grey, Less Wolverine
Jack O'Neill wasn't Loki's only unsanctioned experimental subject-- just the only one under Thor's protection. On an unnamed extraterrestrial base, Tara Maclay waits. 7500 words.

A Myriad of Lives
Wesley had been looking forward to this day ever since he'd realized that Daniel's claims to have traveled in time were more than just the product of a deranged mind. 4000 words.

Seek, and Ye Shall Find
This wasn't the first afternoon Dawn had picked a vantage point to gaze out over the Bay, nor the first time she'd watched living things either vanish or mysteriously detour around a specific area. 2300 words.

A Study in Contrasts
Nothing against Rosenberg, but Jack had never figured her for Teal'c's type. 1800 words.

There's No Place Like Valos Cor
Xander arrives at the SGC bearing gifts. 3500 words.

This Is Your Life
Behind the shield, the young women exchanged looks, and then the red-haired one sighed. "Drat, we got the wrong universe again. I really thought we had it this time." 2000 words.

An Unexpected Gift
A certain package meant for Angel-- containing a certain gaudy necklace-- ends up on Daniel Jackson's desk instead. 9100 words.

Welcome to the SGC
It was too late; had probably been too late the moment Daniel had touched that poisonous piece of jewelry, Jack thought, as Daniel went still again under his hands. 1400 words.

Whither the Road May Lead
Paul wasn't sure what prompted him to pull over when he saw the dark-haired woman in motorcycle leathers at the side of the road. 1800 words.


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