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Last Updated December 20, 2015:
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Novelettes and Novellas: 10,000 Words and Up

Welcome to the Novelettes and Novellas collection for complete, longer fanfiction, both crossover and single fandom.

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and now these three remain
Walking Dead. Rick didn't have a lot of faith at the moment, 'cept for faith in his people; and hope came and went, depending on the day. But love-- it might just be the one thing that held them together. Got them through it. He wasn't about to turn it down when it came his way. (Rick/Shane/Lori fixit). 13,000 words.

Canceling the Apocalypse
B:tVS/Pacific Rim. The PPDC had figured out that the kaiju had been here before; what they didn't know was that they were actually Old Ones, the footsoldiers of ancient demon gods. That made them Slayer territory. But even a Slayer can't fight a hurricane alone. 20,200 words.

SG-1/Pitch Black. The team steps through the Gate onto a world with three suns. It does not go well. ~14,000 words.

The Five Stages of Grief
Angel. The legends rise; the heroes fall. Of course, there's more to the story than that. (Finale fixit). ~15,000 words.

The Grail Prophecies
B:tVS/SG-1. Slayer meets archaeologist on a plane back from England, phone numbers are exchanged, and prophecies unfold. (An AU/crossover resolution for the Ancient and Ori arcs). 18,000 words.

Here For You (The Time and Again Remix)
Eureka. When Tess Fontana made the last-minute decision to surprise her old roommate on her wedding day, she hadn't expected to end up playing a starring role in her own romantic drama. But sometimes the universe does things for strange reasons-- especially in a town called Eureka. (Fixit fic). 30,000 words.

The Independent Groom
Firefly. "Malcolm Reynolds was raised on a small ranch on the planet Shadow..." (A Mal/Jayne fusion with 'The Princess Bride'). ~10,000 words.

Lost To Be Found
Battle Creek. Things were never just surface level with Russ; the longer Milt had known him, the clearer that had become. 10,000 words.

No Place Like Eureka
B:tVS/Eureka. "Nathan-- this is your daughter, Dawn. Dawn Michelle Stark. You remember her, don't you?" (Or, an Alternate History of the Key). 21,300 words.

The Only Logical Conclusion
Dresden Files/Star Trek (AOS). "But didn't they tell you?" Harry said in an ostentatious tone. "The first rule of time travel is that you don't talk about the time travel." 12,300 words.

See For Yourself
SG-1/B:tVS. Daniel becomes aware of suspiciously cultlike goings on in California, and fears Goa'uld influence. Investigations ensue. 27,000 words.

Something a Good Deal More Dangerous
Terra Nova. Five times Jim Shannon would rather not have talked about his love life, and one conversation he participated in with enthusiasm. (Or, Terra Nova as it might have been: with 90% more soap & 50% less opera). 20,000 words.

Things We Trade For Freedom
B:tVS/SGA. When Ronon agreed to go with the Earthers after the Ancients claimed Altantis, he'd expected to end up fighting Ori soldiers, not taking a tour of Sheppard's country-- or stumbling into a first contact situation as strange as anything in Pegasus. Who is this woman who calls herself Faith? 26,000 words.

Voices Like Thunder
B:tVS/Falling Skies. "And I heard a voice like the noise of thunder..." (Life after the Apocalypse, Slayer Style, among the Massachusetts Militia). 19,300 words.

Waiting for the Dawn
Falling Skies. "Such was the defeat of the rulers of Xibalba: accomplished only through wonders, only through self-transformation." (Or: instead of a fight in the woods, Tom and Pope have a conversation. And from that ripple in the pond, the future changes.) 43,500 words.


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