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Last Updated November 30, 2015:
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Short Stories: Less Than 10,000 Words

Welcome to the Short Stories collection, Stargate (Non-Buffyverse) crossover edition.

If you don't see something here that should be, fic that ended up becoming part of a longer series may have been moved.

See list of links at the left to jump to another section of fic.

Short Gateverse/Other Crossover Fiction

Cross: Castle

It's Never the Little Green Men
John could hear the pair working the Wraith crime scene before they saw them: a rather excitable male voice doing most of the talking, and a firmer, slightly amused woman, offering the occasional counterpoint. 1800 words.

Cross: Dresden Files

An Unanticipated Detour
Teal'c had never, in all his years of service to the Goa'uld, seen anything like the horror slithering into a world utterly unprepared to receive it. 3800 words.

What Lives on the Other Side
Gard arrives a little late to the rescue-- and Harry, John and Ivy take an unexpected trip through the Nevernever. 3500 words.

Cross: Eureka

Conversational Minefields
Paul Davis had been hoping to become 'Lieutenant Colonel Pleasant News Davis' when he took the transfer to Eureka; no such luck. 1600 words.

Seizing the Opportunity
Jack Carter had never been all that close with his cousin Sam. 1300 words.

Cross: Fast and Furious

Regardless of Make
Dom made a face at the brand, then wiped a hand off on a rag and took one anyway. "Budweiser? Told you, I'm a Corona man." 1600 words.

Cross: Fifth Element

With Great Power
The age of the false gods was over, and Daniel was determined that it would stay that way. 4600 words.

Cross: Leverage

The Trust Job
The first time Nathan Ford laid eyes on Vala Mal Doran, she was simply Val, a random waitress in a random diner. 1900 words.

Cross: Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion

Through the Blue Vault of Varda
The city sang to John, and he understood at last why the scholars always spoke of the earliest days of Middle-earth through the medium of music. 3900 words.

Cross: Marvel Cinematic Universe

they call her a liar/they call her a killer
Vala knew the woman in the flattering black dress and stiletto heels for what she was the instant she spotted her across the crowded room. 1700 words.

When One Gate Closes
"I am Loki of Asgard, little god. Imprison me if you dare." 1300 words.

Cross: Mummy

The Husband of Sha'uri
Evy could not be certain, but it sounded a great deal like the Ancient Egyptian equivalent of "Oh, no, not again," which struck her as a rather bizarre thing for a newly awakened mummy to say. 2200 words.

Stranger From the West
This discovery could be the greatest breakthrough in the study of the Stargate since the day Daniel had opened it. 1600 words.

Cross: Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010)

A Proper Introduction
The customer wore a sharp business suit and a neat goatee, and spoke with a slight accent Balthazar couldn't quite identify. 1600 words.

S is for Sufficiently Advanced Technology
SG-1 didn't know what had caused the strange energy burst emanating from New York, but they were determined to find out. 3700 words.

There Is No Such Thing as Chance
Three times coincidence brought Balthazar to help someone in need, and one time it brought him what he needed instead. (Multiple crossover). 1200 words.

Cross: Star Trek

One Such Possible Journey
The longer Kirk spoke to 'them other folk from over-mountain', the more interesting the away mission became. 2100 words.

Cross: Star Wars

An Earthquake in the Force
"Not so loud, Rodney," John said, pressing a hand to his temple. "Was it just my imagination, or did I just land the city with my mind?" 3100 words.

Energy Field
Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Carson Beckett's research introduced him to the concept of midichlorians. 1750 words.

Cross: Terminator

Circumventing Causality
As a many-year veteran of the Stargate program, Rodney wasn't very impressed with John Connor's tidings of woe. He'd seen worse. 2300 words.

Here, at the End of All Things
"Hey," Daniel said, twitching the corners of his mouth in a half-hearted attempt at a welcoming smile. "Just taking one last look." 1400 words.


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